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Our Team

senior advisor
Jiang Li

The mission of American Education Elites is to be an education ambassador who creates pathways for children's future development. Guardianship is a belief that children have potential and they are different. It takes time for each child to learn and grow. Guardianship is a quality that does everything possible for the child's growth with all the resources available. Guardianship is an action that guides and educates children with philosophical ideas and scientific methods.


  • Associate Professor, Zhejiang Foreign Language University

  • 21st Century Education Research Institute

  • Director of China Good Teacher Charity Action Plan

  • Education Supervisor of Zhejiang Province

  • Former Director of Hangzhou Education Bureau, Director of Education Bureau of Shangcheng District

  • Former Zhejiang Education Supervisor in 2002, 2005, and 2008

Our team
Amber Ji

Co-founder, VP

Frank Qian

Co-founder, President

Ellis Law

Co-founder, Director of Finance

Claire Zhang

Senior Academic Advisor

Eric Li

Chief Strategist

Eric Yan

Head of Research Program

China team
Charlie Li

General Manager

William Wu

PR Manager

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