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Learning happens outside of the traditional classroom. Being an innovative child-care provider, we play a vanguard role in decentralizing the education system but reestablishing the connection between work and home, school and home, families with families and creating new ideas for the way people work, live, learn and interact.

Building  education equality requires an interdisciplinary and international mindset and a cross-functional and cross-country approach. We carry strong societal awareness and aspire to bring innovation and creation when participating in the prore-allocating education resources.

Early Education

We create 3E - Early Education Ecosystem to connect education resources to seamlessly work together. Our web constitutes Family-based Care, Community-based Care, Corporate-based Care, Academy-based care where effective learning happens everywhere, everyone is interconnected and every unit has a role to play. To support our quality, we also have Professional Training Centers where educational practitioners obtain thorough training to better serve and empowering families and communities.

K12 Education

To fill in the educational gap between countries and regions, we establish a unified education network by adding a new schooling method on top of the existing education system. Authorized by China’s Ministry of Education, our International Dual Degree Service creates a joint high school degree program that partners US and Chinese schools. Faculty from the US school are sent to China to teach an identical curriculum there. Students in this experimental program cross-register study both the Chinese and US high school requirements and ultimately receive two diplomas.

Rebooting School

When we put force together, we make the most impact. There are issues in education that can’t be solved by simply implementing changes in policies but how accessible changes are. We re-allocate the education resources by opening a window for remote areas to see how teaching and learning taking places in an increasingly digital and global marketplace. Our expert team uses internet-based and high tech-powered methods to facilitate enhancing faculty quality, course contents and any information beyond classroom. By building ourselves a successful giving culture, each of us can marry our own expertise with our learnt education to combine passion and eventually effect social changes.

Sequoia Center

Academic learning no longer serves the definition of educational achievement. At our Sequoia Achievement Centers, we provide flexible content and tools to allow for differentiated path, performance tasks and learning goals, customized instructions aligned with specifics needs, student reflection and ownership to promote autonomy and decision making. We cultivate lifelong learners, partners and global citizens.

Research Institution

The purpose of our Policy Research Institution is to analyze the principles and policies to help government and policymakers develop rules to optimize the operation of education systems, help schools establish rules and procedures to create standards of quality for learning and safety, as well as expectations and accountability. We specifically focus on the research on educational policy and educational resources particular to the Chinese government, providing them with professional advice and services.

Consulting and Investing

From providing overseas consultation to local government, educational institutions and individual clients, we've come to realize and understand unmet and unmatched needs across the borders. Among different regions and countries, we create a bridge accurately connecting various needs to optimize each's growth.   

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